Methi Laddu


Nutrition Facts (100G)

Calories – 451.6 kcal
Fat – 22.50 g
Carbohydrates – 57.1 g
Protein – 8.20 g


Methi seeds, Moong dal flour, Halim seeds, Pure Chee, Edible gum (dink/gond), black jaggery and dryfruits

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Methi Laddu is more of an ayurvedic medicine than a laddu. This laddu is ideally bitter but the bitter the better! Methi Laddu solves digestive issues, provides energy, helps. In strengthening bones, is good for hair and improves cholesterol
levels. This is truly a super food. – Reduces Inflammation
– Hair Growth
-Good for Bone Health
– Good for Breast Feeding mothers


250 g, 500 g


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